Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 49

Hello again!

I honestly don't remember what I have told you and what I have yet to share {my brain seriously hurts}. So, I will just share for a few minutes what has been laid on my heart since I wrote last. 
First a quote that I just think everyone should hear-
 "God wants us to trust Him with abandon. He wants to show us how He works and cares for us. He wants to be our refuge."
Some nights I lay on my sleeping mat and listen to the stupid mouse and wonder why in the world God put me here. I lay there and pray for all of the people back home, for my teammates here in the Philippines and around the world and then I ask God to be my strength. But the end of every prayer always comes back to this - I can't do this without Him and He wants me to realize that. I got to talk to mom today and she told me about all of the people that are praying for me across the country. I just want to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart, it truly means the world.

Team break has been a blessing. It was much needed! There is this yearning for home that I just can't shake {the tears are beginning to come more ofter, sorry teammates!} -but I am excited to finish out this commitment that I have made. 

A few things that I think I may have forgotten to mention on the last post-

We hosted a circumcision day last Friday and Saturday-we were able to "tuli" 23 little boys. On Thursday we hiked to the Family farm-It's not what you would think. I fell three times on the way there-on the way back we carried firewood (trees) and I fell then too {just call me grace!} It is so difficult to put my experiences into one blog post because so much has happened. Plus, I don't need anyone to worry too much; some stories will be better shared once I am on American soil in just a few short weeks.

 I know this was a short post but I will leave you with a verse {look it up!}-

" Busa dili kita magtinapolan sa pagbuhat ug maayo; kay kon magpadayon kita moabot ang panahon nga makaani kita sa bunga niini." Galacia 6:9

Pray that I can focus on the needs of our village without getting distracted by thoughts of home. That God will give me strength and patience. He is a great God!

Ashley-LOVE YOU! Stay strong my love. Bring me good food so we can eat and talk on the way home! Milk and cookies would be nice haha See you soon!

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