Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baseball Equals Happy Heart

So maybe it's already Tuesday (a little late for a weekend recap?) but who cares. There is always an exception for late posts when my weekend consists of fun adventures! I have been horrible at balancing work with fun activities this summer but last weekend was a blast and I had to share some of the pictures. Spending time doing things in downtown Memphis makes me remember why I love this city and all that it has to offer. Saturday night it was a AAA baseball game with my sister, her boyfriend and his sister.

Baseball and summer are two things that just go hand in hand. The sport is slow enough that I can socialize. However, those baseball pants keep my attention on the actual plays and my eye on the game. The Memphis Redbirds got killed (8-1) but the game was still great. There was a fireworks show afterwards, complete with a country summer soundtrack that would make any southern girl swoon! And yes, the only pictures that I have of myself are selfies from my phone...working on finding my way in front of the fancy camera one of these days! 

Nights like these. Love those times when my heart gets to take a deep, relaxing breath and just enjoy life!  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thank Goodness for Twitter News

Today was just one of those weird days. I guess weird is the right word...maybe off day would better suite. Really, it has just been an off week. and it's only Tuesday..sigh.

First, the group of kids that we have this week is super rowdy. When you are six or seven, it may be hilarious to act like you were raised in a barn but to me, not funny. I'm responsible for your well-being. Quite honestly, we have a few bullies on our hands. My patience level with kids that bully is around zero. 

If that wasn't enough...

Around 11 this morning, the people that own the farm came out and told us to get all of the kids into the barn. now.
I was totally oblivious to whatever was going on, but I knew it couldn't be good. We hurried the kids into the barn without trying to seem panicked. We stayed in there for an hour, doors locked and enjoyed a little dance party and some rock wall climbing. (all while trying to stalk twitter out in the boonies and get a news update)
Come to find out, someone at mall in our town had been robbed. It is super close to work and, after a police chase, the burglars crashed their getaway car one street over from us. Then, they jumped out on foot with guns loaded and tried to escape the cops. Memphis police were on it, with the help of a helicopter, and caught both of the men.

Thankfully, there was no dramatic end to my story. All of our babies were safe and sound and never knew a single thing was wrong.  

I think this all the time but, you never know what a day will hold. Stay safe out there.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where The Blacktop Ends

This week was filled with outdoor adventure, my favorite! We drove up to Pigeon Forge on Sunday afternoon (after I got off work) and came home Saturday. The time in between was mixed with getting our cabin ready to rent and tons of outdoor fun. I'm turning into a mountain lover and dreaming of hiking the Appalachian Trail...maybe one day! The weather was rainy almost every day and the fog kept us from some incredible views, but I plan to go back, no worries. 

The trails this week included: 
Alum Cave Bluffs (4.6)
Max Patch Mountain, NC (1.0) 360ยบ views *AH-MAZING!*
Clingmans Dome (1.0) limited views, too much fog

If you have never hiked, you should give it a try. I just love being able to climb to places that a vehicle just can't take you. Plus, if you are a weirdo like me, you may get overly excited when you get to break out the day pack and haul 20 pounds of "picnic" lunch up a cliff. One of the highlights of my trip, no lie.

Wednesday, we white water rafted on the Mighty Pigeon River. It was a blast--during a monsoon with freezing class 3 rapids. I would highly recommend 'Rafting in the Smokies' to anyone who finds their way up to the Great Smokey Mountains. It was adventurous but not too over the top for the not-so-adventurous family member. 

Of course, on the fourth we enjoyed a good home-grilled steak, beautiful fireworks and time with the best family around. I loved this week and my time off work. However, the lack of wifi seriously cramped my blogging inspiration due to incredible frustration...so I ditched the laptop and settled for the view from the porch (picture above). And the lightening bugs, oh my word they were incredible! It was like our own little light show, I think there were thousands just on our little hillside. One of those things that comes to mind when I think of a perfect southern summer! 

It was that breath of fresh air that I needed to get me through these last three weeks of work. I can do this, I can do this...yep, it's all a lie. 

And now, back to reality. Setting my alarm for 6:30. Nope, take me back! 

Max Patch Mountain
Walking on the AT
Cade's Cove horsies
Have a great Monday! See you back here soon, very soon. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Let’s be honest. It’s kind of sad the number of times in the last month that I have promised to be back in the writing scene, only to disappear once again from the digital world of journaling. I really am here, but anything useful that I have to say is usually used up on some sassy kiddos in 100+ degree heat. It is pathetic how little I have had to say about, quite honestly, anything these last few weeks. I consider my life to be full of adventures and this is one that leaves me speechless, literally. 
But this glorious week, I have a break from the little ones and a some time to relax before finishing out the rest of my days at camp. We decided to head East for a few days to celebrate America in it’s most natural form. The internet connection here is seriously slower than molasses in January, which may result in multiple posts at once (or something like that, if it will even post at all). 

*I was hoping for a few pictures, but HughesNet is obviously mad at me. Boo. If this ever posts, more to come when I get back to civilization. 
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