Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where The Blacktop Ends

This week was filled with outdoor adventure, my favorite! We drove up to Pigeon Forge on Sunday afternoon (after I got off work) and came home Saturday. The time in between was mixed with getting our cabin ready to rent and tons of outdoor fun. I'm turning into a mountain lover and dreaming of hiking the Appalachian Trail...maybe one day! The weather was rainy almost every day and the fog kept us from some incredible views, but I plan to go back, no worries. 

The trails this week included: 
Alum Cave Bluffs (4.6)
Max Patch Mountain, NC (1.0) 360ยบ views *AH-MAZING!*
Clingmans Dome (1.0) limited views, too much fog

If you have never hiked, you should give it a try. I just love being able to climb to places that a vehicle just can't take you. Plus, if you are a weirdo like me, you may get overly excited when you get to break out the day pack and haul 20 pounds of "picnic" lunch up a cliff. One of the highlights of my trip, no lie.

Wednesday, we white water rafted on the Mighty Pigeon River. It was a blast--during a monsoon with freezing class 3 rapids. I would highly recommend 'Rafting in the Smokies' to anyone who finds their way up to the Great Smokey Mountains. It was adventurous but not too over the top for the not-so-adventurous family member. 

Of course, on the fourth we enjoyed a good home-grilled steak, beautiful fireworks and time with the best family around. I loved this week and my time off work. However, the lack of wifi seriously cramped my blogging inspiration due to incredible I ditched the laptop and settled for the view from the porch (picture above). And the lightening bugs, oh my word they were incredible! It was like our own little light show, I think there were thousands just on our little hillside. One of those things that comes to mind when I think of a perfect southern summer! 

It was that breath of fresh air that I needed to get me through these last three weeks of work. I can do this, I can do this...yep, it's all a lie. 

And now, back to reality. Setting my alarm for 6:30. Nope, take me back! 

Max Patch Mountain
Walking on the AT
Cade's Cove horsies
Have a great Monday! See you back here soon, very soon. 

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