Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baseball Equals Happy Heart

So maybe it's already Tuesday (a little late for a weekend recap?) but who cares. There is always an exception for late posts when my weekend consists of fun adventures! I have been horrible at balancing work with fun activities this summer but last weekend was a blast and I had to share some of the pictures. Spending time doing things in downtown Memphis makes me remember why I love this city and all that it has to offer. Saturday night it was a AAA baseball game with my sister, her boyfriend and his sister.

Baseball and summer are two things that just go hand in hand. The sport is slow enough that I can socialize. However, those baseball pants keep my attention on the actual plays and my eye on the game. The Memphis Redbirds got killed (8-1) but the game was still great. There was a fireworks show afterwards, complete with a country summer soundtrack that would make any southern girl swoon! And yes, the only pictures that I have of myself are selfies from my phone...working on finding my way in front of the fancy camera one of these days! 

Nights like these. Love those times when my heart gets to take a deep, relaxing breath and just enjoy life!  

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