Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thank Goodness for Twitter News

Today was just one of those weird days. I guess weird is the right word...maybe off day would better suite. Really, it has just been an off week. and it's only Tuesday..sigh.

First, the group of kids that we have this week is super rowdy. When you are six or seven, it may be hilarious to act like you were raised in a barn but to me, not funny. I'm responsible for your well-being. Quite honestly, we have a few bullies on our hands. My patience level with kids that bully is around zero. 

If that wasn't enough...

Around 11 this morning, the people that own the farm came out and told us to get all of the kids into the barn. now.
I was totally oblivious to whatever was going on, but I knew it couldn't be good. We hurried the kids into the barn without trying to seem panicked. We stayed in there for an hour, doors locked and enjoyed a little dance party and some rock wall climbing. (all while trying to stalk twitter out in the boonies and get a news update)
Come to find out, someone at mall in our town had been robbed. It is super close to work and, after a police chase, the burglars crashed their getaway car one street over from us. Then, they jumped out on foot with guns loaded and tried to escape the cops. Memphis police were on it, with the help of a helicopter, and caught both of the men.

Thankfully, there was no dramatic end to my story. All of our babies were safe and sound and never knew a single thing was wrong.  

I think this all the time but, you never know what a day will hold. Stay safe out there.

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  1. Um...so apparently your blog is my news source. ;) I had no idea all that was going on! Thank the Lord for keeping y'all safe today, and everyone else in the surrounding area.

    I know it's been a different kind of summer for you...and you're probably counting down, right? You're almost there! I know you're a huge blessing to those kids, probably even on the days when you don't feel that way. I'll be praying for you to stay strong. :)


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