Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Textbook Buying Secrets. Let Me Save You Money.

August?! Where did the summer go? Beating the heat with a few hundred rugrats this summer was no joke and the end of July snuck up on me! 

August brings shiny red apples and back to school thrills (for those of us still young enough to be in it or old enough to be sending little ones). I have a few textbook buying secrets for all of you college gals out there. So many people spend thousands (yes, thousands) on textbooks during their time in college! Once you find what textbooks you will need this semester, head on over to . This website is a marketplace type venture that lets you see where you can purchase/rent your books the cheapest! You can also see who will buy your books back for the most mula! Believe me, this site is amazing!

If you have not tried renting and you know that you will not need a certain book after this semester, RENT IT! It saves so much money and it is completely worth the effort to send the book back. All companies I have used will prepay for shipping, all you have to do is print out a label and drop the package. Simple as that.

This post is not sponsored, I just felt the need to save you from those scheming campus bookstores that insist you need the brand new copy of your book - lies people, it's all lies.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sweet Southern Summer

This summer, I got what some would consider my first "real job". I have worked before but this 5 day a week thing (six counting my Sunday job) took my life by storm. I feel like I hardly have the words to say to describe some of the things this summer has taught me about myself and about my relationship with Jesus.
looking back at some posts, i think maybe i complained too much. the flesh crying out for more comfort. 
some weeks I wished away my summer, instead of being thankful for a place to work.
when kids did things that were completely inappropriate, I had a very hard time not losing my mind (or my temper). Seriously, all you parents out there, I commend you for the things you do every single day. And teachers, you're pretty much saints in my book, too!
It wasn't perfect, but summer was good.

Patience is always something I struggle with and I feel like God worked with me on that one.
I took a step back, slowed down, and Watched kids become enthralled at the sight of a bunny, a goat or a beautiful one eyed horse. 

But in the chaos...
I met new co-workers that became good friends. It's crazy how bad management will bring together a group of employees that have a job to do and 40 kids expecting entertainment for the next 8 hours.
I got to spend the majority of each  day outdoors, in God's beautiful creation. What a blessing. Last summer, there were days when I missed a hot, humid, southern summer and this year I certainly got it. 

As August begins and July fades away, reflect on the things God allowed you to experience this summer. This moments of chaos, beauty, insane sweat and pure love. 

yes, that is a horse.

Six days late, Happy August!!
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