Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Let’s be honest. It’s kind of sad the number of times in the last month that I have promised to be back in the writing scene, only to disappear once again from the digital world of journaling. I really am here, but anything useful that I have to say is usually used up on some sassy kiddos in 100+ degree heat. It is pathetic how little I have had to say about, quite honestly, anything these last few weeks. I consider my life to be full of adventures and this is one that leaves me speechless, literally. 
But this glorious week, I have a break from the little ones and a some time to relax before finishing out the rest of my days at camp. We decided to head East for a few days to celebrate America in it’s most natural form. The internet connection here is seriously slower than molasses in January, which may result in multiple posts at once (or something like that, if it will even post at all). 

*I was hoping for a few pictures, but HughesNet is obviously mad at me. Boo. If this ever posts, more to come when I get back to civilization. 

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