Monday, June 24, 2013

Work and Whatnot

It's official. Baby M rolled over for the very first time today! I'm so proud of the little runt for figuring it out. She had her first taste of cereal and Saturday, she let out her first little chuckle. Time is marching on and things seem to stay somewhat the same in my day to day life. Work, work and work. We had visitation with the parents today and they were a no show. The frustration of wasting an entire afternoon and several gallons of gas is nothing compared to the sadness I feel when I look into those adorable baby eyes and realize her own parents will not drive less than five minutes to spend one hour with their daughter. I wish you could meet her yourself, it would change you. She experienced the pool a little this  weekend and in just three short days she will turn 4 months old! Her tiny world is broadening its horizons. 

The past few weeks I have thought a lot about this little space. I have decided to keep my site and not force myself to blog when I just have nothing to say. Like journaling, I write when something happens or when I am learning or growing through something in life. Working over 40 hours a week has been a shock to my system, I commend you true adults for sticking it out through an endless amount of work and ceasing to complain. I don't want to bore you but at the same time, I started this blog to keep up with and share my day to day happenings and that is just what I am going to do. Boring or not!

I have a  few things that I hope to get in writing this week. Next week, I HAVE THE ENTIRE WEEK OFF!!! Eeek! More posts to come..

I am off to coffee with a few close friends. Nothing replaces quality time spent with the ones that mean the most!
 Happy Monday! 


  1. Awww congrats to your baby for rolling over! So exciting!

  2. i love that picture and also congrats !


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