Monday, December 31, 2012

Restless and Ready

This week has been slow. As exams lurk in the distance, there is much time to be spent "studying". I really try not to get distracted but I think I have an undiagnosed case of ADD. Seriously, even things I am completely uninterested in can get me off task this time of year. I have updated my bucket list, Christmas shopped, done laundry, etc...productive yet so very unproductive all at the same time!

Anyways, all this time gives me time to think. Time is something that I have not had much of this semester. I find myself changing every day. Changing into someone I never thought I would be but someone I am growing to love. I have always looked at big opportunities and risks and wondered what it must feel like to be the person getting to live that life. I find myself entering into a "waiting" phase of life, a phase that is not fun but must be completed. As I look toward the future I see opportunities that scare me to death; opportunities that I would not have even considered before I spent time on the mission field this summer. I now find God molding me into that person. I find myself craving adventure and pursuit of God's will. The pursuit of a life that lives out His will instead of sitting around trying to figure out what it is. I feel God preparing me for something big. The preparation is calculated; He is teaching me patience and discipline and giving me the confidence to conquer whatever He puts in my path. 

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