Saturday, December 14, 2013

The End of The Tunnel

Wow, that was a longer than expected three month break from blogging for the sake of passing this semester. But alas, the end has come. Semester 3 of 5 is complete and I’m exactly one year away from G R A D U A T I O N. But today wasn’t about me, today was about my mom. For the past two years she has been working away on bridging her diploma {RN} to a BSN, and she did it! YAY! Congratulations to the best nurse I know. Mom, you deserve this honor and so much more. Now, is it my turn yet?

 Let me just go ahead and apologize for the massive amount of crappy iPhone pics…And the total scatter-brained thoughts. Life these days.

My poor parents were in Chicago Thursday night for a work Christmas party and their flight into Memphis Friday night was canceled. They had to fly into Nashville, rent a car and drive the three hours in a thunderstorm to make it back at 2:30AM, left for the one hour drive to Jackson for graduation at 8:30 - sleep deprived parents equals dad having a staring contest with a fish while we wait 45 minutes to eat. Strange times, I tell you.

Maybe after three months we are in need of a little updating? Baby M is 9 months, on her way to 10! Ya’ll her personality is beginning to bubble to the surface and it is just adorable. Sister is home from school and we are ready to officially begin celebrating Christmas. 

Oh, my best friend got ENGAGED!!!!!! I am so very honored to be her maid of honor and I cannot wait for May. She is going to be the most stunning bride! Eeeekk! 

Between studying and trying not to lose my mind, I was able to help with the PackednLove program that our church participated in this year. My parents have been in the process of advocating on behalf of orphans in our community and bringing awareness to our church - wow, what a blessing it was to be able to shop and see people {in MY church} moved for foster children in Shelby County. 

On a total side note, if you have netflix and you have not watched the documentary "STUCK", do it now. Oh my stars, my heart was bursting.

The south has been through some crazy weather, or at least weather warnings. If you happen to read this and you live somewhere other than the mid-south, you just can’t understand how people all of a sudden forget anything they knew about driving (not that Memphis drivers were that talented to begin with) the minute there is a news forecast about ice/sleet/snow/rain/wind/yougetthepicture. And I will never understand the need to go and empty the local grocery stores of every egg, gallon of milk and slice of bread. We aren’t even to the coldest part of winter people. 

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  1. Oh so much love in this post for those in your life! I love that most beautiful moments were highlighted! Congrats on another semester down! :)


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