Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Night Live From the Suburbs

Around here, there is usually not enough happening on the weekends to blog or the opposite and I have absolutely no time to download until the week after - buuuut it's summer and the weekend is basically another week day when you live the life of a bum soon to be college grad. 

We heard from Ashley Friday night and oh what a BANG her trip is going out with - you can read all about their 'mis-adventures' here on Darbi's blog. If you read that post and come back thinking, poor people - just know that she is safe and sound. In just a few hours, they will be rising to say goodbye to New Day and departing for Lusaka. Ashley will be getting on a plane bound for South Africa and her co-intern will have to figure out his way home without a passport at the U.S. embassy. Be in prayer for the New Day staff as they will be picking up a new team Sunday night and will need to essentially be in two places at once. If you have ever traveled abroad, you can imagine what it would feel like to be 18 and in Africa with no passport, missing your outbound flight, with no money {which was also stolen} - We are lifting you up Sam! 

I am so ready for that middle sister to be back in the states I can hardly stand it. 
I am finishing up an online speech class ... yes, you read that right - this kid got away with taking oral communication ONLINE. Praise! Tonight, I had to collect an audience of 5 people in my living room and present my speech. We fed them dinner as a 'thank you' - this incredibly cool weather is a welcomed blessing for evening meals by the pool. Who knew July could be enjoyed outdoors in TN?!

P.s. I'm on the prowl for some new blog friends - I want to know your favorites! 

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  1. HA! You are doing an ONLINE oral presentation class?! I wish I had known that was an option when I had to take speech in college, haha! I did not love public speaking back then, ha!


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