Sunday, February 28, 2010


When I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm this morning I was less than excited to get out from under my warm covers, and get ready for church. To be honest, for the past few weeks church is one of the last things I have wanted to do on my short weekend break, but this morning, my parents decided to visit a new church. Oh boy, I definetly do not like to step out of my little bubble and into the unknown with strange people I have never met and little old ladies with crazy hats. But I flattened out the unruely curls, put on my new boots and a fake smile and hopped in the car. Since we are ALWAYS late we didn't have much time to even find the right entrance so we slipped in the back door and sat on an empty row. The pastor was out of the counrty so they had a guest speaker. I really think that the Lord put us there this morning because he wanted us to hear this man preach.
The message was on addiction. Now, I have never struggled with any of the typical addictions we tend to think of when that word is mentioned so at first I figured this would just be another sermon to those adults out there that are having a rough go of it, or that are addicted to something awful that I would never do. But to my surprise the preacher was preaching directly to ME! I am generally a good person and I go to church on sundays, but my life is lacking passion. At the moment I see myself as one of those christians that is luke warm and the Bible specifically says that lacking passion is just as bad as having none at all. I go to church out of duty and prays before meals, but other than that what am I doing to get to know God? It is hard to say that I will live my life for someone I don't even know! The preacher made some awesome points and encouraged the audience to spend more time with God through a priority time. A true follower of Jesus Christ should be addicted to spending unrushed, uninterupted time in the word to get to know God on an intimate level.
Lately, I have been struggeling with the temptation to quit on church and just do things my way with a little guidance from God when I think I need it. Wroooong answer! I need God because I am the bride of Christ. He is my partner in every single decision and through the everyday journey of life. The preacher said it like this: My parents are married, and if my dad only came home to visit and talk with my mom once a week is that ok? Would that show my mom that He is truely committed to her and that they work as a team? Of course not! That would NEVER fly around my house! Likewise, If we are the bride of Christ, and we come into his presence once or twice a week is that a true intimate and passinate relationship? No! We should visit and spend time with our creator every single day! I think that is an awesome way to look at it, and it really made me think. It's embarrassing to think that I spend more time on facebook, than with the one who created me and loves me more than any human being on this earth! So, I am going to challenge myself to set aside 20 minutes a day to dive into the Bible and see what God can teach me! I encourage you to take this journey with me, and see what God has waiting for you! The one who is in control of all things will never cease to be who he is. His love is everlasting and He wants to show you!

Psalm 119:9&10 "How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word. I seek You with all my heart; do not let me stray from your cammands."

Think about it. Meditate on it. Let that thought change the way you spend your time and the way your view your relationships! Let yourself find a new addiction, become addicted to God and the love letter he has left for us, the Bible! Don't continue to say no, say YES! Let your heart say yes to what he is doing in you and embrace it with passion!

Enjoy this absolutely beautiful sunday!

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  1. Meagan God really spoke to me this morning too! I plan to take this challenge also and make a priority time a priority in my life. Let's get addicted to God and His word!


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