Monday, March 22, 2010

water, water everywhere

Happy Spring! This is the first official week of spring and I can honestly say it is a long time coming. I love warm weather and the beautiful flowers that are beginning to bud, it is so refreshing to see new life after such a cold winter. Another wonderful thing that spring brings along every year is my birthday! The countdown has begun until I hit the big one eight: 4 days! yahooo!

With the conclusion of spring break, and the beginning of my final semester of high school I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! However, I feel that I may be coming down with a bad case of senioritis..cough cough. Just kidding, I always like to see that any job I start is completed and this is no exception. I am going to finish out strong and keep my focus on the task at hand..I hope!

As I continue on with my priority time each day, I can feel things beginning to become more comfortable. The first few days, things felt a little talking to a friend I haven't seen in months. It helps so much just to be able to clear my mind with prayer and open up space in my busy head for God to reveal something to me in His word. Tonight, I am swapping my addiction for the bachelor for a far more worthwhile addiction, My Savior.

This week I am visiting the woman at the well and her encounter with Jesus. This woman was very well-know in her small village, but not for a good reason. The woman had married five men and was now living with a man she was not married to. This day, was just like any other day and the woman needed water for something at her home. She came at an off-time when no one was around, not expecting to see anyone and certainly not thinking she would meet Jesus. The woman at the well was thirsty, and she was sure shootin that her water would quench that unyielding thirst. I mean can you imagine living in the desert?! It gets hot in Memphis but these people knew what a true thirst was. However, this woman did not realize she was trying to quench a thirst that did not present itself with parched lips, but with an aching soul.

How many of us are like the woman at the well; trying to work our way into the heart of a guy who is a total jerk just to get some attention, stopping at nothing to be #1 and achieve perfection, or buying every new coach bag or video game that comes out because we need to newest and the best everything. We too have that unyielding, undying "thirst" for something that seems to be incurable.

Jesus said to the woman, "Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst." John 4:13

Sometimes looking for our "water" can leave us exhausted and disappointed. Jesus told us to take our thirsty souls to Him and He would satisfy it. Today, instead of digging your dry well trying to find water, go to the well Jesus has already offered to you and drink the water that will satisfy forever.

Bring your thirsty souls to Jesus and let him be the one that fills you.

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