Monday, May 21, 2012


This week will change me. It’s funny how day by day nothing seems to be anything more than ordinary and then, before you know it, something huge has happened. My baby sister is graduating from high school on Tuesday night and I could not be prouder. My sister is the smartest person I know, literally. She puts many of my college peers to shame. Tuesday will bring to an end a childhood and many memories. Although I will probably cry, I know that my sister has made the very most of her four years in high school. It has been an honor to observe a young lady who walks with such confidence in who she is and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt who’s she is.I know that the Lord has many amazing things in store for this girl as she heads off the Knoxville in the fall. I also know that He will bring a comfort and supernatural peace to those she will leave here at home! (Hopefully!!) I love you Ashley Nicole, Congratulations on this huge accomplishment. Keep your eyes fixed on Christ alone - He will be your refuge and rock in this new and exciting phase in your life. Keep your fire burning bright with a passion for the Lord and his people; He will bring you blessings beyond your wildest dreams. 

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