Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baby M 6 Months {Update}

Six whole months. It is hard for me to fathom that we have had sweet baby M in our home since she was six days old and now, now six months have passed and she is still here. Like any healthy six month old, she is growing and flourishing in her environment. An environment of love, affection and care. My parents do an incredible job of giving their time, their resources and themselves to better love those that are vulnerable and need someone to believe that they are worth it. 

Baby M is a  little chunk of love (75% percentile to be exact) and an incredible blessing. No teeth yet, but a full head of very curly hair catches the eye of many passer-by-ers. I am amazed at how perceptive she has become to people and things around her. She has found her feet, the best toy of all! 

I fall deeper in love every. single. day. 

We have had few updates that I am able to share, but things are progressing slowly with her birth parents. Progression and regression, it's the name of the game. We are in this for the long run people.

This baby is exposing me to so many things that have been unexpected and unprecedented in my life. Unlike our other placements, people assume that this baby is mine. When we are out I get so many glances, stares, looks of disgust and the occasional question or the infrequent compliment. Maybe I am judging people for judging me but it is obvious what people think by the look in their eyes. In my city, ethnic tensions run high. There is a definite line between white and black. The suburbs are unforgiving. 

More on that to come...

As we approach fall (WOO FALL), we also approach the two year mark of our foster care experiences and trials. This weekend, I have traveled with my parents to an Annual DCS conference for the state of TN. I will not be attending the sessions because I am keeping the baby and studying the mounds of work I have to catch up on from the past week. Even so, this environment is intoxicating. I have never been around so many people with the same passion as ours. It does a heart good to be here. 

Hopefully, more to come on life in general. Welcome to the -ber months, ya'll and happy football watching!  


  1. I love and admire your sweet family so much. And yes, suburbs are very unforgiving. It's sad. My hubby's brother has a "colorful" family~two of their kids are from Guatemala and the other one from Texas. They're beautiful. As are the hearts of all your family. :) I'm excited for y'all!

  2. Hi Meagan! So happy to find your blog today! We were also foster parents (I wrote a blogpost on it), as well as adoptive parents. I never paid attention to the stares, and was always surprised by ignorance. Just keep up your attitude, it's the right one.

    You teach by what you do. You are doing great things! Happy to follow you today! Hope you'll come and visit me too :)


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