Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Break 2014 II Cosby Campground

Have you been through one of those seasons in life where things, frankly everything, is just completely overwhelming? It’s not necessarily stress, just a sense of unrest. Well, that's where I am over here...

As  I draw closer to graduation, job applications, state boards and the unknown future, life is getting crazy - que relaxing weekend in the woods with my beautiful family! 

Fall break was welcomed this week and we ushered it in with camping and memory making - -

I have a love affair with the mountains. 
I could stay and never leave. 

Even the rain couldn't keep us down - though it would have been nice to be able to enjoy the bonfire! 
We visited Cosby Campground in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park - we had planned a hike but had to reschedule due to the never-ending rain which couldn't be conquered with a toddler in tow. Instead, we hit up the most adorable apple farm and barn to snag some delicious apple treats! Apple fritters, apple pies, apple butter - apple over load!!

Ashley had to go back to school Sunday night but was able to rejoin us Wednesday to make the trip home for HER fall break. 

Monday we found what has to be one of my new favorite short & quick hikes at Tremont Institute - Spruce Flat Falls was gorgeous! We took a few minutes to enjoy the view and munch on an apple. It was the perfect distance and the most beautiful sunny day! 

Enjoy the rich fall colors - it is truly amazing what an iPhone can capture when you forget that you took your memory card out of your camera! 

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  1. WOW! Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures! I can see why that is your new favorite hike. Living in Arizona you dont see trees and changing leaves like that so thank you for filling my heart! Go iphones! :)


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