Friday, March 27, 2015

Meagan is 23!!

Today is Meagan's birthday! Since it's her turn to write a post for the blog but she hasn't, I am going to take it upon myself to write a blog ABOUT her. :)

Meagan is my older sister by two years and although we tend to fight on a pretty regular basis, I still love her and am so proud of all she has accomplished.
In the past year, Meagan has traveled the Cali coast, served in Guatemala, gained another little sister, finished nursing school, graduated from college, passed her nursing boards, started a job at a Memphis NICU taking care of the sickest little babies, gotten a new beau, and probably much more that I am leaving out. We are so proud of you Meag! Can't wait to see what the next year holds for you.

M- motherly: Meagan has always acted like a second mother for me. Even though she's only two years older than me, she's always thought she knows what's best for me :) And now she is so helpful taking care of our baby sis. Nurturing and caring for the babies is literally her job description!

E- eternally minded: Meagan has a heart for serving and missions. She has served from Guatemala to the Philippines, Haiti, and much more. Everywhere she goes she is sure to make an eternal difference.

A- adventurous: Meagan is always up for an adventure! We have traveled and hiked all over together and I can't wait for many more adventures together.
G- goofball: Although many people may not get to see that side of Meagan, we have lots of silly sister times. I love that we can have our goofy moments together.

A-: annoying: Honestly, my sister enjoys annoying me so much. I think it's one of her favorite pastimes. But in the end, that's probably the job of a big sister. :) It's {mostly} all in fun and I love her anyways.

N- nurse: Meagan isn't afraid of a challenge. She took on nursing school like a pro. Even through hard classes, all night study sessions, or bathing old men on her first day, she has kept her head held high. When it came to finding a job, she didn't settle for the first thing thrown her way. She was determined and landed her first choice. SO proud of you!
 Happy 23rd Birthday, Meag! Love you!

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