Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Don't Know About You But I'm Feelin'...OLD

Dare I say, spring is here! Welcome to ya, APRIL! 

I seriously think March lasted for 10 days and somewhere in there was my 22nd birthday - yes, this is my public declaration of accepting my twenties. 

Oh my word, just typing 2 2 makes me feel slightly anxious 

but at the same time, here I am ready to take the world on and figure out this crazy thing we call life, as an adult. God has used year twenty one to teach me so many things. I rarely take the time to reflect on the things that have occurred in a year - life happens, I get busy and sometimes those lessons I "learned", evaporate and are blow away by the next greatest crisis. 

Today I was jotting down some truths I came across in my Bible reading and I decided to flip back a couple of pages and see what was going on in my life a few months back. I'm not the most committed journal-er you have ever met but I try to get down the meaningful days & ideas. Some profound things are found on those pages, things that have been spoken into my life through the Holy Spirit and significant speakers I have had the privilege to hear. 

So take a minute and celebrate life with me - celebrate learning from experiences and living life loud. Here are my top ten life lessons to enter into April grasping tightly to: 

1. The goal is the global harvest. 

Jesus will be with me, I must GO! 

2. You must choose between the pain of regret and the pain of discipline. 

Kick regret to the curb and practice discipline this month, create a list of priorities and make it happen. 

3. Comparison is too often a constant companion in my life. 

Self explanatory in my life - keep my eyes on the cross.  

4. God doesn't waste a season - the transition is always used for a redemptive   purpose. Such a hard lesson that I am still learning...

5. God is a God of daily dependence. 

Amen and amen, I have to choose each day to seek His face. Although he pursues me, I have to rely on him. Every successful relationship takes a decent amount of communication. 

6. Faithful navigation of trials produces maturity. 

See #4 and proceed faithfully.

7. The scripture is layered & rich. I can learn something deeper or something new each time I approach a passage. 

8. Satan's promises are empty. 

Don't fall for the lies that seem so wonderful and end in emptiness. The road with Jesus is not always easy, but it promises salvation and redemption - oh how beautiful!  

9. Redemption is offered despite your merit, your performance or your plans. Take it! with both hands and don't keep it to yourself.

10. “By perseverance the snail reached the ark.” ― Charles H. Spurgeon

Nursing school will not kill me, nursing school will not kill me, nursing school will not kill me. I mean come on, you know how fast a snail moves...PERSEVERE! 

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