Tuesday, June 3, 2014

California Dreamin'

It's FINALLY summer! If you have been around this space much, you know I live for this - for free time and freedom. Nursing school leaves little room for fun and blogging. But alas, the time has come and we have hit the ground running. Since stepping off campus from my last exam, things really haven't slowed down. 

First stop: California. This great state is such a mystery to me. As a girl born and raised in a VERY flat part of this southern land, the insane mountains and beautiful cities of the pacific coast continue to draw me in. 
After my best friend's wedding Saturday night, we packed our bags and loaded a plane Sunday morning - San Francisco bound for an epic road trip. Our destination cities included: Monterey, Big Sur, Yosemite, Sonoma, & San Francisco. Can you say whirlwind? Exhausting but so much fun - trips like these go down in the books for me - with everyone growing up and at the same time our family continuing to grow younger, you never know what summer or vacation will look like next year. 

I will refrain from picture overload today but beware, they are coming soon! Below is day one on the ground in Cali --


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