Thursday, May 9, 2013

An Unplanned Moment

Has it really been almost a week? Days during finals week seem to run together and I guess that led to an unintentional break. We had court for Baby M on Monday morning & they approved the permanency plan. The parents did not show but the bailiff oooed and ahhhed over our sweet baby the whole time we were in the court room. It was kind of adorable. Obviously, I did not make it through the blog everyday in May challenge but I'm still here and I'm still writing. 

If you are taking part in the Overcome the Lie 40 day challenge, I hope that you are staying encouraged & staying strong. Time with the Lord is precious and so sweet. If you have an accountability partner, encourage them!! I am still reading through Hosea with 'She Reads Truth' and my time in this book has been full of humbling moments and learning. If you don't have a good study right now, take a look into Hosea.

Day nine: A moment in your day
There are so many moments in a day. Moments that make me smile and some that make me cry. Some moments take my breath away and others leave me shaking my head. Moments make up a life. 

Today's moment made me thankful for a sweet dad that came to save his damsel in distress {aka mom} and for laughs with my girls while we waited to get a jump. A moment in my day, a moment to take a step back from busy and just sit for a moment.

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