Monday, May 13, 2013

Goodbye Junior Year, Hello Summer Fun

Oh sweet but neglected blog readers,
Summer has FINALLY arrived here in good ole' Tennessee. I am so thrilled that I am finished with my junior year of college and I have three more semesters left. It's terrifying and exciting at the same time - I'm sure if you have already graduated and are living in the real adult world, you know what I mean. Adulthood is staring me down and sometimes I just want to run away, back to sixteen. I know God is going to do great things with the next year and a half. For now, a break in the nursing school struggle. 

Friday night, my weekend started out with a fun bachelorette party for my sweet friend, Allyn. She will be getting married May 25th and I cannot wait to be a part of the big day. I have known Allyn and Andrew since they started dating and it is incredible to see how different things are today and how much they have grown as a couple. God has given this sweet couple such a heart of servanthood. 

We had a fun night of dinner in downtown Memphis at the Majestic Grille. An old movie theatre turned restaurant. It was delicious! Memphis has the cutest little trolley that runs down Main Street and loops around to the Mississippi River. It is only one dollar to ride and the atmosphere is great! After that little adventure, we took a stroll down Beale Street to take in the sights and get a few shout outs for the bride-to-be. It was a great night with lingerie and many laughs - I can't wait to see my two friends tie the knot in just two weeks! 

Sunday, I started a new job as Preschool Ministry Assistant at my church. {yes, I now have two jobs and was contacted this week about a third} It was crazy busy but thankfully I was able to pick up the tasks quickly and we managed the mother's day rush without a hitch! I hope you all celebrated your sweet mothers and the women in your life that give so much of themselves. My mom is one very loved woman and I am so thankful for her. We were able to celebrate with the whole family at my Mamaw's house with food and fellowship. 

To finish out the weekend, we got a call from some dear friends in need. 

To fully understand my connection with these two babies I will have to write another very long post. So here is the 15 second version. We had a foster placement November 2011 that lasted seven months. These babies were two of five that came to live with us and since then, we have purposefully sought out a relationship with their family. These twin boys got into some trouble Saturday night and they were in the PICU at LeBonheur. I couldn't help but sob with worry when I heard they were there. I love these kids like my own family and to see them in any pain was just about more than I could take. Late last night, we went downtown to see the fellas and they are doing much better. One has been released today and the other should go home tomorrow. Just a couple of mischievous twin two year olds! Thank you Jesus for their health. 

The PICU nurse was great and she spent a long time talking to me about what she does. Who knows, maybe they will see me around there again some day! As staff, not simply visitor.

I hope that your weekends were spent loving on your mama's and enjoying this great springy weather! 
Much love.

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  1. so sweet to hear how you have connected so much with the twins boys that you fostered. I bet they totally look up to you! Loved reading this post. Seems like you have a wonderful gift from the Lord with children!


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