Friday, May 3, 2013

Things That Make Me Squirm

Day three: Things That Make You Uncomfortable

So I have already read quite a few of the links and it makes me laugh that like 99% have to do with bathroom habits. Yes, I guess they make me a little uncomfortable too - public restrooms are just unnnncomfortable. 

But the BIGGEST and weirdest for me...I am very uncomfortable when people touch my neck. Don't tickle my neck, don't touch it at. all. or I will chop your arm off. I'm serious. Being strangled would be one of the worst ways for me to die. gah, panic attack!

...mushrooms. yuck. They are spongy and the texture - I just can't handle it. icky. 

...heights. {see picture below} I cry. Like a lot. And when I decided to repel down a waterfall in Puerto Rico, I cried all the way to the bottom and everyone clapped when I was finally made it to the bottom. It was traumatic. 

That's about it for my weirdness. 
Happy Friday!!

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