Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's Letters {4}

Dear anyone who reads this little blog, It's Friday again and although I am happy to see an end to this devastating week - it saddens me to think that it is not over. After watching the news this morning, it seems almost impossible to address anything except for the lives lost and the families that are hurting today. Between Boston, Texas and now the earthquake in Japan - my, what a week. With so much chaos, so much hurt, it forces me to think about my life and about death. We are not guaranteed another breath on this earth and honestly, that freaks me out. But I know that I have Jesus. Evil surrounds us, but that is nothing new. Now, it comes to the front lines threatening our lives in the most belligerent of ways. It steps onto our TV screens and makes us question the human race. But that's just the thing, we are not good. Without Jesus, I have nothing - I am nothing. Dear friends, readers, family..whoever happens to be reading out there today or one day down the road - take a look into your life, do you know HIM? Do you know where you will spend eternity when this world ends? If the answer is not a resounding yes, I encourage you to email me or talk to someone in your life that can lead you to His truth. He will come again. And until that day, I wait in anticipation. I look at this tragedy with a heavy heart but a heart that is spurred on to tell others the good news. 

Hug your lovies a little tighter, be bold in the truth you speak. 
It's Friday, ya'll! 


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