Thursday, April 25, 2013

40 Day Challenge {Day 10}


It's just one of those books I have always started to read, only to get a few verses in and say whaaaa? It is kind of a weird one at first and I am SO thankful that 'She Reads Truth' has started a new reading plan all about this little book of the Bible. We are on day #2 and it is already blowing my mind. So much insight! 

If you don't know much about the prophet Hosea, here is a short summary of His life up to chapter two. The Lord speaks to Hosea and tells him to take "an adulterous wife and children of unfaithfulness, because the land is guilty of the vilest adultery in departing from from the Lord." So Hosea finds Gomer, they wed and she bears three children {not all of which are his blood}. Hosea is about to be a real-life example for the people of Israel. It is a heart-breaking story to read! But Hosea is about to show us the character of God. The Lord uses Hosea to bring the glory to Himself. He is teaching us just as He was teaching the people of Israel.

Today, I read through Hosea chapter 2 and 2 Samuel 12: 1-10.
As we might would expect of an 'adulterous' woman, Gomer is unfaithful, disobedient and wicked to her ever faithful groom, Hosea. 

As I read, I judged Gomer. What a horrible person! Hosea would be perfectly justified to leave her behind, right? 
Thankfully, the Lord thinks differently.

I am the unfaithful bride of Christ. Over and over again he offers me mercy, an abounding love and an intimate relationship. And over and over again I turn, I run to something else that will fulfill my desires. Until that thing no longer satisfies, and He is there with open arms. Waiting.
It's beautiful, really. A story of redemption. A story of love.

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  1. Great post!! love it. Thanks for sharing. Loved the part where you talked about being the unfaithful bride of Christ. Each of us gal's are in our beautiful relationship with Him.

    xo- Jess


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