Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Currently {vol. 3}

reading: Hosea. I am just falling in love with God's love. Hoping to start re-reading Redeeming Love very, very soon! It's a wonderful story, too!
listening: to Grey's Anatomy, my guilty pleasure. Gotta catch up before the finals madness begins and the TV is off!
smelling: A hot dog, leftovers from the cookout/couples shower last night. mmm left overs are the best.
loving: That I got to talk about the Philippines and missions this morning; it is so close to my heart and I love that other people get to share in my experience. 
thinking: Playing laser tag and throwing a wedding shower for this girl {see picture above} made for a wonderful weekend! Don't you love our 'fierce faces'?!
wishing: school was OVER! I need summer, like now. 
hoping: that it is a wonderful, sunny, happy week! We all need a little sunshine and a little less rain.
wanting: a big ole' cup of coffee - maybe I'll go make some now! 
feeling: tired, blessed and a little like I just bathed in pollen - achoooo!  
clicking: Katie's blog - Hope Engaged, I love keeping up with people that live abroad. Her sweet blog is awesome, her photography is gorgeous!
wearing: I just can't tell you, because it slightly resembles what I am wearing every sunday afternoon. 

Happy Sunday sweet friends! Enjoy your last few days of April, May is ALMOST here! 


  1. Meagan! You are so so sweet to link my blog to your post! Thanks for following along on our adventure, you are amazing!!! Love Katie

  2. Grey's Anatomy is one of my all-time favorite shows! I need to get caught up because I've missed it the past couple of times.


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