Friday, April 5, 2013

I've Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Week

You are beautiful, you are so warm, you make my day one billion times better!
Come on in, stay a while.
Now, where's my hammock? Looks like a good weekend for some studying and relaxing in the Eno. 

Dear mom, thanks for taking care of me today. This whole, being an adult thing, is stressful. Thank you for teaching me more about Jesus this week. Our conversations have blessed my heart. 

Dear Baby M, I pick out some new bugs for your car seat. Everybody can use some cute bugs in their life! I can't wait for you to start to recognize that they are there. Please smile at us, soon! {ME FIRST} I'm glad all of our court dates are over this week. Your family was a no show at court today, it broke my heart but I'm glad we were there to hug you and love you.

Yes, this is the only picture I have to sum up this week! 

Dear Readers, thank you for your sweet comments - my how they have encouraged me this week! Ya'll are seriously the best. I am enjoying this amazing community. If you are new here, leave me a comment - I want to meet YOU!

P.S. I just ate the most incredible salad. Recipe coming SOON! 
Believe me, you will want to try it.

Happy Friday - Enjoy the sunshine, I know I will! 

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  1. Its amazing how good you can feel when the sun is shining. Im so grumpy during winter with the rain and dark clouds! A baby can never have enough cute bugs :) Saying hi from Fridays Letters


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