Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Currently {vol. 2}

First week of April instagrammed. 
Sadie girl
via my assistance & yes, this was our week.
duke lost. boo.
Mamaw chillin in the hammock. It's finally pretty outside! WHOO!
the "ugly fruit" - guy at walmart told me to try it - A nice mix between an orange and a grape fruit

reading through some of the sweetest comments from this week. The blog world really is a community & I'm loving it! 
writing notes and notes and notes - big test tomorrow! 
listening to the baby cry and the dishwasher run, I seriously sound like a mom. 
thinking that I should really be studying instead of writing this post
smelling the remnants of bacon - we had breakfast for dinner {yum yum} 
wishing that this semester was OVER. 
hoping that I pass this test tomorrow..
wearing I just can't say it pants {do you see a pattern?} But hey, I just went for a walk so I think it's acceptable - or at least that is what I am  going to keep telling myself!
loving the warm air. It makes my days better. And it brings baseball season, YAY! 
wanting somebody to go put gas in my car, I think I'm on empty and Lord knows I won't remember tomorrow morning! 
needing some time alone with Jesus.
feeling like my allergies are back with a vengeance. I'm in a steady relationship with Claritin. Hello pollen!
clicking on a few of my new favorite sites - like Erin's hysterical blog and Kalyn at love, laughter and happily ever after! Check em out!

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  1. i love yoga pants. if it were socially acceptable to wear them everywhere, i feel like i would.


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