Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Left To Tell {Book Review}

I just finished reading the book Left To Tell. I will just say, whoa.

This book tells the story of a young woman, Immaculee. She lived through the Rwandan genocide that happened in 1992 by living in a bathroom with 7 other woman for many months. All the while, fearing for her life. Living to tell about this reign of terror, Immaculee gives first hand accounts of the things she saw, heard and witnessed. 

If you are looking for an inspiring story of faith and tenacity, this book is definitely worth the read. A little warning, this book tells the graphic story of a gruesome war and I would not recommend it for everyone. {It gave me some awful dreams, not gonna lie} It is a part of history that we should all know about. I had no idea this war even happened and it was the same year I was BORN! The story seems to be archaic because of the ways people were slaughtered by the thousands. How could something like that happen in the modern world with no response? It is mind blowing.

I have a hard time getting through some books, but this one did not lose me! The story is truly incredible. 
What books have you read lately? I'm going to need some good ones for the summer! 

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