Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Letters {5}

Dear Philippines, after preparing to speak about you this Sunday, I miss you! Last summer changed my life. Looking at all of the pictures takes me back and makes me very excited for more opportunities. I miss my teammates, I miss the long rainy days and most of all, I miss the people. A beautiful country that beat my emotions up, left me at the bottom. But God taught me to trust, to have faith and that He is ever present in our times of need.

Dear Ashley, come home now. First, ace your exams and then come. home.

Dear Allyn, you are getting married in one month. Oh. My Goodness. Is this real life?! We cannot be old enough for marriage and all that god stuff. To all my bloggy friends, pictures of wedding shenanigans to come! 

Dear Baby M, you are 2 months old tomorrow! You will get your own letter later, I promise! My heart strings are wrapped around your adorable little brown eyed self. It's impossible not to love you to pieces.

Dear blog, I may be too attached to you but you give me a place to speak - An outlet for my thoughts, my feelings. A place to meet others with similar beliefs - Girls that love life and love to share their lives with me.

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