Monday, March 11, 2013

Adams Street

Family court is one of the saddest and most interesting things I have ever experienced. If the walls could talk, I am not sure that I could handle the stories that they would tell or the sights that they have seen. Adams Street is not a place that I want to ever get used to. It is a place of harsh realities, a place of many people in need of love.

 As I mentioned earlier, we had a preliminary hearing for baby M today in juvenile court - only to see if her placement in DCS custody was legit or not. Since neither parent was present, I would say things are legit. Baby M did get a chance to meet some of her family, which was encouraging and a sweet sight to see. We will have court again on April 5th. After each meeting, everyone in the house is able to breath a little easier knowing a little more about the future plans for baby M. I am always fascinated that God does not let us fully see the future - most days, I don't think we could handle what we would see {good or bad}.

Speaking of future, mine is one that I would have never seen coming! Moving back home has allowed to do be a part of so many sweet moments with our foster kids. A short 20 months ago, I was distraught at the fact that I had absolutely no idea where my life was headed. And when I say where, I literally mean where. My path led home and what a blessing in disguise it has been. 
I love how God works. 

*Just as a side note: It has been amazing getting to see my parents be parents this week! I know that sounds silly, but I was so little when my sister was born that I have never really had the opportunity to see my mom mother a teeny tiny baby. It's amazing! I am learning so many things that I will hopefully be able to use one day. She has convinced me that she is definitely super mom, but I may be a little biased :)

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