Thursday, March 28, 2013

One to Grow On

Baby M, you are one month old today! 
 I don’t know what your birth was like, if your mother was in labor for hours or if you came quickly. You were a healthy baby girl and you are growing like a weed! Just three short weeks ago, you were brought into our home and the love story has now begun. You have already been spoiled by hugs and lovin’ - the moment you wake from a nap and realize that we are make sure we have not forgotten that you are here! Yep, your lungs work very well. We are ready to see you smiling at us! 

You have just about grown out of the newborn clothes but we are still squeezing you into those adorable tiny sleepers! We have bought you three types of bottle - I think we finally found a winner and your tummy seems to be appreciating our efforts. We now talk about your poop habits like it’s part of our normal day, well because it is {welcome to the world of babies}. Mom & Dad get 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night, that is something we can work on! You fall asleep all day and leave me here with the tired old people! You are giving me so much practice for the future, invaluable lessons that I am so thankful for. 

Honestly, you are a chunk. But we love little brown fat roles, they are too cute to handle! My sweet sister, we do not know what your future holds. For now, that is something that the Lord will save for another day. Regardless, you are loved my dear. I know that the longer you are in our arms, the more we will fall in love with you. For what you have already been through, you are resilient in spirit oh little one. 

Love you, nugget! 

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  1. Oh fostering. You are such a blessing not only to those kids but to everyone who will come in touch with them throughout their lives. We fost-adopted a decade ago... And our lives were forever changed by the two babies we got to love on (one for just a week and the other for our entire lives). Bless your hearts and your home!

    And Jeremiah 1:5 is so special to me... Which made me realize I needed to say hi, instead of just reading! So special it's tattooed on my foot! :) Our foster baby that became brother is named Jeremiah... Such a special boy he is!

    Happy Tuesday Meagan!


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