Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Currently

Happy Easter!!

reading Left to tell, the incredible story of a woman who lived through the Rwandan genocide in the early 1990's. {book review coming soon} And MANY blogs, my girl Kodie started up her page this week and I cannot wait to see where blogging takes us! 
writing a few posts for the upcoming week, we have court twice for Baby M.
listening Drew Halcomb & The Neighbors {basketball in the background} it's a chill, rainy day - perfect for Drew & Ellie! 
thinking that I cannot believe it is April. Was this week really my birthday? Where did March go? 
smelling what's left of a yummy Easter lunch, Thanks Mom! 
wishing that my room would clean itself and that the weekend was just a little longer. I'm not ready to start studying for tests next week. Summer, hurry up!
hoping we can cook some good, healthy food this week!
wearing yoga pants and my duke sweatshirt {representin' for the game this afternoon}
loving watching Baby M grow! It's incredible all of the changes in just one month. {Bear with me - I'm not a mom, I don't know how this stuff works}
wanting to run. a new morning routine. Night class is killing me because I have no motivation to drag my booty out of bed before 8. 
needing a job, a new workout routine and some motivation to get through the April school slump - where's the coffee!?
feeling a little sad that Ash just left to go back to school, but ready for the week and to get back into routines. 
clicking through pictures of the weekend/week and feeling so very blessed!

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  1. I need a new workout routine, too (or any workout routine, really, haha). I think I`m starting to run this week and I`m kiiinda dreading it, but hopefully I enjoy it!

    Happy Easter :)

    1. I am hoping to start running again this week too! Good luck :)

  2. Your *needing* & *wishing* are exactly mines right now. I'm craving summer so bad.

    Cute blog btw. Just started following <3



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