Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Letters {2}

Dear Baby M, you made it another week - it was a busy one but we are finally back to normal and you are finally pooping, YAY! {sorry, too much information} Please learn to sleep through the night so that Mom & Dad can get some rest. They are too old for all of this! {HAHA} 
Dear Ashley, I am so glad you are home! My life just is not the same with you living six hours away. Your visit is the best birthday present I could have asked for. Welcome home! 
Dear Spring, please come back. The bitter cold and crazy winds are just not okay with me. You tempted me with a few perfectly sunny days and then ripped it all away. I want warmth!
Dear Readers, enjoy that little quote {above}. For now, smiles and shining faces will be my sunshine while we are stuck in these dreary winter temps. I appreciate you joining me!

Happy Friday, ya'll! 



  1. Stopping by from the Friday's Letters link up. I absolutely love your blog...especially the title! It's always nice to meet people who have a heart for the Lord. :)


  2. Thanks Miranda! I love new visitors :) Your Friday's letter made me slightly jealous, send some of that beautiful Florida weather towards TN!


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