Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Letters {3}

Dear spring, you might possibly {could it be?! I don't want to jink it} be showing your beautiful face. Today is going to be a warm 65ยบ and glorious. I love the budding trees and colorful flowers that you bring into my world. Seeing a  sunrise without being able to see your breath is refreshing!
Dear ant that just ran across my computer screen - ain't nobody got time for that!! Where did you come from?! Go away!! 

Dear Friday, you made it. I'm sad to see you here because I know that Sunday is soon to follow and Ashley will be leaving us {commence sobbing}. BUT this week brought my birthday & Easter so I guess it is acceptable that you finally came around. Today, you mean so much more than any other Friday. You are Good Friday. This  day we remember & reflect on the day that Jesus was crucified. The day that the sins of the world were laid on His shoulders & He took all of it on for me, for us.
Dear Jesus, how do I begin to thank you for your sacrifice. It is the season when all turn to look at the cross but few understand what it means. Thank you for giving me parents that told me about & showed your love for me - It changed my life. Thank you for the intimate relationship that we share, for your forgiveness and your death. I cannot put into words the emotions that well inside of me when I think back to what it must have been like the day that you laid down your life/ the bloodshed, the pain, it is overwhelming to my soul. Tears of gratefulness flow and my heart is broken over the ways that I fail you daily. My heart overflows with thankfulness.
You are the only thing good in me, Oh Lord. 

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